4:45Pm Class on Mondays & Wednesdays / 11 years old and older / 30 minutes long

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What you can Expect from this class

Awesome Friends

Bring a friend or make new ones, either way you will laugh, sweat, and push each other to get better.


These classes are designed to isolate your muscles and achieve a workout to engage your entire body.


Plan your fitness goals and reach each one of them while having fun in a variety of challenging and unique exercises


Each class with have music that is chosen by you and for you so that class is more fun and engaging by listening to music that you want to hear

people talk

 We’re not going to try and sell you on our classes. Instead, here are some participants that will do the hard work for us.

I love Amy’s workout classes. Not only do they provide a challenge but they frequently include stretching, strength training and a cardio workout all in one. The excercises are presented in a variety of ways with modifications that suit just about everyone at all levels of fitness.

Shelly Flynn
these workouts are challenging and fun, and the people make the class what it is. having friends and fellow students support each other in class really makes a difference in how hard I work. I love my workouts with Amy.

Rebecca Sisley
Amy is a fantastic instructor who knows how to design a workout. She does her research to bring new exercises to almost every class so workouts never seem the same. Most importantly, Amy knows how to adapt each exercise to meet your skill level and help you meet your goals.

Steve Oole

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